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InnovServers entered Hosting market in 2015, we are client focused and we are succeeded by not only understanding the hosting industry but also the industries of our clients working into. InnovServers is always committed to deliver the outstanding service & value to our customers.

Why Choose Us:

Your Data is 100% safe:

At InnovServers we take backups every 24 hours and your data is 100% safe with us even after server crashes.

Our Dedicated Support Team:

Whenever you need us we will be there for you 24/7 /365 Days. If a server fails accidently our team is alerted and we begin diagnosing and fixing the issue within seconds.

Premium Hardware:

Many competitors run old, outdated software on their servers, leaving them open to tons of exploits. Our servers are updated weekly to ensure the most secure servers in the industry!

We love working with our clients

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