Web Hosting Plans That Fits Your Hosting Needs

Wide range of features that you need for your hosting.

Shared Hosting



  • Our Shared Hosting Plans comes with Solid State Drives(SSDs) which loads you site 200% faster. Supports any kind of sites including Personal, Business, Online Stores and even Complex Database sites. One click Application installer for quick installs.

VPS Hosting



  • We have Added Solid State Drives(SSDs), Our Virtual Private Servers gives Designers and Developers more speed, power and stability to deploy their sites and Apps. If your site is having high traffic or a developer is running a complex Apps, then Our VPS Hosting what you need.

Dedicated Servers



  • Our Dedicated Servers are the ideal solutions for complex businesses experiencing high traffic to your site. Our Dedicated Servers allows a developer or designers for maximum customization, installation, configuration and overall stability of Server.

6 Reasons to Choose Our Web Hosting Services

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Light Speed WebServer

LiteSpeed Web Server is a high-performance, Secure, Easy-to-use and Apache Alternative Web Server. It Supports Https, SSL, CGI, DDoS Attack Prevention. Loads Website 5x Faster.

Rapid Support

Our dedicated support team will assist you regardless of what you're asking with an average response time under 30 Minutes on every ticket you raise.

Cloud Linux OS

CloudLinux ensures efficient use of server resources and increases server stability on time. This prevents an abusive user or malfunctioning script on the server from causing your website to be slowed down.

Solid State Drive Storage

A Solid State Disk is a High-Performance Storage Device unlike other storage devices such as Hard Drives and SSD has no moving Parts, Which loads faster and consume less power than Hard Drive.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If your are not satisfied with our service then we are offering 30 Days money back Gurantee. No question asked .

R1Soft Daily Night Backups

With R1Soft Server Backup Manager your site will be backedup daily at Night which means no loosing of files even when server crashes.

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